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Become an Ambassador


Become an Ambassador


Become an Ambassador


Become an Ambassador

How it Works

Refer the WealthWizard App to your friends & family and get 50 people to download the App to earn Rs. 500.

Add another 150 downloads by blogging, posting on social media or by referring to friends & family to get an additional Rs. 2000.

Earn Rs. 500

Earn Additional Rs. 2000

That's Not All...

Rs. 15 extra per successful referral, above the initial 200 downloads.

The Process

Register here to become a WealthWizard Ambassador

We will send you a unique link (of the App) for you to share

Share the link with your friends & family

Get your friends & family to download the WealthWizard App


* Every person who downloads the App (through you reference) must profile a minimum of 10 contacts for it to be referred to as a “Successful Referral” and shall be used to track and count for the payout purpose.


  • Nice App...easy to earn money in your family and friends circle.
  • Nice app to earn money at home.
  • Awesome App!